A Business Overhead Expense Insurance Plan (BOE) is much more of a “poor man’s” disability diet plan. It is a disability strategy just encompassing a select few important workers (usually the company owner, managing partner, practicing doctor, or maybe someone of severe value to the company) along with the ability of theirs to do the job.

As you might imagine, a company which depends on a few of key employees (or perhaps sometimes only one) to make the business work of theirs, service customers, and/or drive sales is very weak (financially) if among those workers gets hurt or ill and can’t conduct the work tasks of theirs. A company Overhead Expense Insurance policy is going to cover the continuing operating costs of your business or process but be depending on the disability coverage for a key employee. It ensures the company owner doesn’t need to use personal assets to purchase fixed company expenses if one of the primary key employees becomes disabled and can’t perform the work duties of theirs.

Whenever the insured element worker does become impaired, a General Liability Insure policy pays month advantage dependent on internet business overhead expenses, not anticipated earnings. Part of the underwriting process consists of verification of the organization financial statements as well as employee census (plus the worker should be underwritten & insurable).

The following are several of the company overhead expenses which are covered in just a BOE policy. As you will notice, these’re fixed, predictable expenses which are typically shown and verified.