Selenite is one of just two minerals which regenerates the own energy of its and doesn’t require cleansing. It’s able to healing the user in the cellular level, clearing past life issues helping you to move ahead along the journey of yours. is going to assist you in detaching from previous times.

Detachment is occasionally needed to advance. Detachment isn’t about releasing all the friends of yours, family or maybe the partner of yours. It’s about releasing and taking away you from thoughts, feelings, experiences that create dense, lower power vibrations making you forget the chosen path of yours.

Selenite Blades are fantastic resources for cutting negatively charged power cords, clearing emotional confusion, providing clarity in every circumstance. A blade will even help you in removing blocked or maybe stagnant energy from inside. As stagnant energy is eliminated, a vacuum is developed allowing good White Light to get into the physical body of yours, Ethereal energy fields and aura.

The Crown Chakra is most related to this amazing mineral sample as it enables discernment, cutting through illusion deepening the meditation experiences of yours, encouraging the opening of your greater Chakra energy centers, connecting you far more lucidly together with the Realm of Spirit.

Healers might benefit in reaching through space and time during distance healing. A Selenite Wand or Blade might be used to steer healing energy to a certain place in the actual physical body and right into a previous life, healing and after that closing some rips in the Aura.