Immediate quantitative nicotine test systems for screening of urine as well as saliva specimens are economical and convenient. They provide fast on-the-spot test outcomes. The two products already on the market have numerous features in common, but additionally have some essential differences which needs to be considered.

NicAlert as well as TobacAlert, both created by Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp, would be the 2 items accessible currently available. Because they offer on-the-spot readings which could determine one is exposure to nicotine they’re additionally called instantaneous or rapid testing kits. The kits include examining strips, directions, accessories for obtaining urine or saliva, based on if a system is perfect for urine or maybe saliva assessment, along with an exam result interpretation chart. The strip engineering is the same for NicAlert urine as well as saliva assessment, as well as the situation too for any TobacAlert strips. Thus, the respective urine and saliva kits differ actually simply in the accompanying directions as well as specimen collection accessories.

Both strips calculate cotinine, which happens to be a byproduct of nicotine due to its breakdown or maybe metabolic rate by the entire body. Cotinine is calculated in lieu of nicotine simply because cotinine stays within the body around ten times longer compared to nicotine and it is thus considerably measurable and quickly detected.

Both strips have 7 calibrated degrees of measurement ranging from zero to six. Each level is the same as a cotinine level which would be measured whether testing of the very same specimen were performed by a lab. The cotinine amount equivalent for every test strip amount is identical for TobacAlert as well as NicAlert as conveyed in the interpretation charts contained in the systems, though the interpretation of the dimensions in the lower quantities will vary for the urine systems compared to the saliva kits as will be described below. A strip reading level of zero is the same as a real cotinine quality of between zero as well as ten ng/ml as well as greater strip reading levels are equal to increased cotinine quantities. The strips may be read within ten to thirty minutes of using a specimen based on if it’s a TobacAlert or NicAlert strip and based on if urine or maybe saliva is tested. Here you can get more information on powdered urine reviews at this site.